What tips have you for a successful Marriage?

Always do what she tells you (Lee)

Always do what he tells you (Andrea)

How far in advance do you take bookings?

We are always able to offer fixed quotations three years in advance.

If your wedding is taking place on a Saturday between April and October you should be thinking about booking your cars at least twelve to eighteen months prior to the Wedding.The later you leave it the less choice you'll have.

Do the cars ever breakdown?

The cars are correctly and properly maintained but like all things mechanical an occasional hiccup can occur. Should anything untoward happen we usually have a spare car together with a good mechanic!

Do your Chauffeurs carry mobile phones?

Yes. These are only used in case of emergency. We do not telephone the Chauffeurs unless it is absolutely essential. If you need to speak to us you can ring 01706 379802. Whenever cars are out on Weddings the telephones at base are manned.

Do the Chauffeurs do anything other than drive the cars?

Yes. They open the doors and help you in and out of the cars. Should it rain they will have an umbrella to keep you as dry as possible. They will take the bouquet as the Bride or Bridesmaids get in and out of the car. They will also assist the photographer to enable him to get the best possible photographs of the cars.

Are your Chauffeurs employed by you?

Yes. They are employed on a part time basis and are all experienced drivers whom you will find EXTREMELY helpful.

What do the Chauffeurs wear?

They are all uniformed with peak cap

Can we view the cars?

Yes, in fact we prefer not to book out a car unless it has been viewed. Please telephone or email to make an appointment to arrange a viewing.

Can we smoke in the cars?

Definitely not.

Do you provide Champagne in the car?

This can be booked separately if required.

Do you do more than one Wedding a day?

Not usually

Can we use one car to first take the Bridesmaids and return for the Bride?

If time logistics allow.

How many people do the cars take?

Although our Bridal cars are classed as four seaters it is not practical to have a bride wearing a large gown with more than two other people in a car. Our second cars all seat four. Please note child bridesmaids/pageboys must be seated in booster or child seats appropriate to age.

How many cars do we need?

Normally two cars are required. The main Bridal car takes the Bride and her Father to the ceremony, the second car taking Bridesmaids, Pageboys and Mother of the Bride. After the ceremony and completion of photographs the Bridal car will take the Bride and Groom to the Reception venue, whilst the Bridesmaids or sometimes both sets of parents travel in the second car.

How long do we have the cars for?

The duration of the Wedding. The cars arrive at the place of pick up a few minutes before the planned pick up time. They are then driven to the place of ceremony and wait whilst the Wedding takes place and photographs are taken. The cars then go on to the reception venue, allowing time for more photographs before leaving. If anything in addition to this is required please advise us at the time of enquiry so a quote can be given accordingly.

Are there any hidden extras?

No. As long as the information given by you regarding hire of the vehicles is correct we will quote a fixed price

How much do the cars cost?

The cost of each car varies and is determined by location, season (ie Winter or Summer) and day of the week. Fill in the booking form and we will send you a fixed quotation, we will also check the availability and advise you which cars are free to book.

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